Covid-19 Precautions

The board of elders will continue to prepare Holy Communion in a sterile manner. Holy Communion will continue to be offered Sunday mornings in the Divine Service and by appointment for individuals or family units.

Since the situation is fluid, many smaller adjustments have been made for the safety and welfare of the people of God who worship at Messiah Lutheran church. (Please note, all of the above procedures were implemented on March 22, 2020.)

In addition to all of the items listed above, the elders, in conjunction with the pastor, have made the following guidelines as we proceed with an abundance of caution. In accordance with the guidelines as put forth by the CDC. We are making every effort to make your worship experience completely contact free.

We will continue to offer the worship service streamed live on Facebook and on YouTube.  Remote viewing continues to be an acceptable practice.  If you do not have a computer, or  Internet access, please contact Melissa (701-390-8085) to find additional alternative formats.

When exiting the bathroom (in the education wing) simply turn your back to the door and push. We have not come up with a way for you to pull open the bathroom doors, without actually touching the door.  Until the time comes when we have a touchless way to enter that door, people are encouraged to bring their own device, to hook the handle without actually touching it.

Private communion or communion by family groups is encouraged for all those who are viewing remotely. Please make an appointment with the pastor (701-712-1981).

During the Divine Service, the elders will meter the flow of parishioners, so that they may be adequately spaced. The pastor and the elders will serve communion while wearing rubber gloves.

Ultimately, people will necessarily need to be responsible for themselves, as long as the pandemic continues.  This is not over.